R2COTS® is fully committed to customer satisfaction by maintaining optimal quality processes and procedures based on our ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards. We are constantly investing in our facilities, which include a 300m² electronic laboratory, Cobalt 60 source, test and measurement equipment, etc.




Our experts advise on the best component strategy (technology, class, tests required, cost,etc.) to fit your specification requirements. We propose suitable candidates based on our experience and library of certified components. More generally, we offer a full range of services and products to meet all the requirements of the radiation insurance process and to improve systems behavior under radiation.


For obvious quality reasons, R2COTS® primarily targets the authorized distribution market to source their parts. During periods of market shortage or product obsolescence, our buyers assess the open market and source from certified partners after pre-sales verifications.


Our qualified staff proceeds with a comprehensive inspection process, which follows strict process guidelines, and includes crucial steps such as package integrity, ESD compliancy verification, tape and part inspection, etc.


When sourcing outside the authorized distribution channels, we focus on eliminating any risk of counterfeit or quality issues. If any doubts arise, a full destructive physical analysis (DPA), which includes over 50 control steps, is systematically carried out and recorded in a dedicated test report.


Traceability aspects are not easy to manage. Each manufacturer / distributor has its own document process and communicates more or less information: from the date code, to the diffusion lot. Depending on the component class and the desired volume, R2COTS® team can provide a wide range of information. Thanks to our close collaboration with the manufacturers and distributors, we can guarantee that the manufacturing process and the foundry is unique for the different lots supplied with the same reference (according to the class of the components).


With over 25 years of success in electronic components testing against harsh environment effects, we are highly qualified to proceed to radiation (TID, TNID and SEE), temperature and stress testing. R2COTS® commits on a sensitivity level that is suitable to your project requirement.


Our electronic laboratory holds the latest test equipment to proceed with every screening tests and LAT (Lot Acceptance Tests) required by the various standards. For specific applications, like NewSpace, simplified LAT procedures can be proposed based on your mission parameters.


Once inspected and tested, parts are stored in high-performance dry cabinets. This process allows components to be kept in optimum conditions for a long-time storage.


R2COTS® delivers parts in their original packaging or in packaging that suits your production needs (tape & reel, tube, tray, etc.). Parts are delivered with comprehensive traceability and test documents anywhere in the world, with insurance and tracking information.