Secure payment

With Visa / Mastercard / Paypal

We do not keep your banking information.
Only the bank receives this information which allows it to confirm or not the payment.

in partnership with Banque Populaire, you can pay your orders online in a completely secure way.

When you enter your bank details, you are directly linked to the Banque Populaire payment server.

TRAD therefore does not know your bank card number and it is not stored on its server.

In addition, all the information exchanged with Banque Populaire is encrypted using SSL protocol and cannot be intercepted or modified.

At the end of the transaction, and before returning to our site, Banque Populaire presents you with an electronic ticket, containing all the elements of the payment and the result of the bank authorization request (transaction accepted or canceled).


Bank transfer

The information to make your transfer will be sent to you upon confirmation of the order.

A summary email is sent to you